10 Low-Cost Costa Rica Volunteer Programs

Are you passionate about making an impact in your environment or community? Are you looking for low-cost volunteer programs in Costa Rica? You are in the right place. In this article, we have come up with a list of the 10 low-cost volunteer programs in Costa Rica.

Whichever program you are passionate about, whether it’s community development, child care, wildlife conservation, or teaching English, this volunteer opportunity in Costa Rica covers it all. Here are the low-cost Costa Rica Volunteer Programs

10 Low-Cost Volunteering Opportunities in Costa Rica in 2023-2024

  • Maximo Nivel
  • IVHQ
  • IFRE Volunteer
  • GoEco
  • Kaya Volunteer
  • A Broader View
  • Global Crossroad
  • Love Volunteers
  • Plan My Gap Year
  • RCDP international

1. Maximo Nivel 

Maximo Nivel has been in Costa Rica since 2006, striving to ensure the volunteer programs are safe, of high quality, and affordable. They also make sure their volunteers are happy while working hard. 

In Costa Rica, Maximo Nivel has various programs, which include;

  • Construction
  • Dog and cat program
  • Dental
  • Teaching English
  • Eco-Agriculture
  • Sea turtle conservation
  • Working with kids
  • Beach construction.

Maximo Nivel’s programs are affordable, and very impactful programs like teaching English start at $725 per week. This includes feeding, an official certificate, pick-up from the airport, practical work, accommodation, and a letter of recommendation.

2. IVHQ (International Volunteer HQ) 

IVHQ is a reputable volunteer agency that offers volunteer opportunities in several countries, including Costa Rica. They are known for their affordable volunteer programs and a wide range of projects. Volunteers can choose from a year-round schedule of activities that includes;

  • Teaching English
  • Healthcare
  • Turtles Conservation
  • Child work
  • Construction 
  • Renovation.

IVHQ’s vision is to ensure that your adventure is safe and informative. It’s located throughout Costa Rica based on the program you are interested in, with a program starting fee of 969 USD for two weeks.

3. IFRE Volunteer

IFRE is a life-changing volunteer organization in Costa Rica and other countries with great programs. Their volunteer programs include: 

  • Teaching English
  • Construction
  • Wildlife sanctuary project
  • Medical and healthcare
  • Sea turtle conservation
  • Working with underprivileged children and others.

IFRE is a volunteer organization that offers one of the low-cost volunteer programs in Costa Rica with a starting price of $385 for a program and other expenses like accommodation, food, airport pick up, and certificate.

4. GoEco

GoEco is a volunteer organization established by Jonathan Gilben and Jonathan Talk, who both hold a degree in environmental and geography studies. The organization has programs in 34 countries, which include Costa Rica. 

GoEco runs 6 great projects in Costa Rica, which includes!

  • Health and Medical Care
  • Family-Friendly Animal Rescue and Conservation
  • Sloth and Wildlife Rescue Center
  • Jaguar Research and Conservation
  • Animal Rescue and Conservation
  • Sea Turtle Conservation

GoEco tries to keep their volunteer fee as low as possible while covering every expense. Their project price starts at $1280 for 3 weeks. 

5. Kaya Volunteer

This is also a good volunteer organization that is affordable and safe in Costa Rica. This organization focuses on giving the best to the community they work with and to volunteers who give their time. They work hand in hand with their volunteers to carry out a good project. Kaya is established in 27 countries, which include Costa Rica.

Kaya volunteering programs available in Costa Rica include;

  • Animal Rescue Project
  • Costa Rica Spring Break Volunteering Week
  • Volunteering for teenagers in Costa Rica
  • Turtle and Marine Conservation
  • Mother and Child Nutrition
  • Sports Volunteering in Costa Rica
  • Learn Spanish in Costa Rica
  • Animal Rescue Project
  • Teach in Elementary schools and Kindergartens
  • Teen Community Volunteering in Costa Rica
  • Community Empowerment Volunteering
  • Sea Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica

6. A Broader View

ABV volunteer organization works hard to ensure a safe and affordable program in Costa Rica. They always have the importance of the program at heart, as well as the difference each volunteer can make in the lives of the people. ABV runs in Lagos to volunteer in Costa Rica, and you can choose your program and the date you would like to start.

In Costa Rica, ABV offers the following programs:  

  • Teacher program
  • Senior care center
  • Special needs center
  • Sloth Conservation
  • Animal rescue shelter
  • Pre-dental
  • Immersion Spanish
  • Pre-medical program
  • Daycare centre
  • Museum volunteer
  • Sea turtle conservation
  • Sea turtle pacific
  • Sea turtle internship
  • Sea turtle Caribbean
  • Language immersion
  • Elderly care center
  • Special needs teaching
  • Orphanage care, etc.

Finally, ABV Costa Rica program prices start at $910; this price covers the program you are interested in as well as other expenses.

7. Global Crossroad

This volunteer organization is highly recommended in Costa Rica due to its safety precautions, affordability, and level of satisfaction. Global Crossroad tailors its program to the needs of every volunteer. They aim to expand their experiences not just at the grassroots but also to meet the needs of every volunteer.

With their excellent work and dedication, they are unable to rank in the top 10 best volunteer organizations in Costa Rica. Below are the Global Crossroads projects in Costa Rica;

  • Teaching English
  • Eco-agriculture
  • Wildlife Sanctuary and Rescue
  • Healthcare and medical program
  • Volunteer in Construction
  • Work with children 
  • Caribbean sea turtle conservation
  • Sea Turtle Research and Conservation

Global Crossroad has very low-cost volunteering opportunities in Costa Rica. Their starting price is $385, which covers every expense. 

8. Love Volunteers

It is another reputable voluntary organization in Costa Rica. It has been selected to be among the 10 volunteering organizations in Costa Rica due to its affordable programs. Another great thing about this organization is that 90% of your program is giving back to the communities.

There are some programs by Love Volunteer in Costa Rica:

  • Children Care and Child Development
  • Environmental conservation
  • Wildlife conservation
  • Marine conservation
  • Education support
  • Community development
  • Turtle conservation.

You can join the volunteer program for 1 to 12 weeks with a fee as low as $279 per week. Also, you will have to pay a one-time registration fee of $299.

9. Plan My Gap Year

This is another excellent and affordable volunteer program provider in Costa Rica.

PMGY runs the following programs in Costa Rica;

  • Teaching English
  • Language immersion
  • Child care

Their program is open for a minimum of two weeks at the starting price of $630, but you will have to pay a registration fee of $299 first.

10. RCDP International

RCDP is another affordable and safest policy organization in Costa Rica. It operates in 18 countries, which include Costa Rica, and its programs are as follows;

  • Health and medical projects
  • Construction
  • Working with children
  • Teaching English
  • Sea Turtle Conservation Project
  • Eco-agriculture
  • Wildlife conservation

Their program starting price is as low as $385 per week, which makes it one of the most affordable volunteer organizations in Costa Rica.


Volunteering in Costa Rica can be a rewarding and meaningful adventure, and you don’t have to break the bank to engage in it. This list of the 10 low-cost volunteer programs stated in this article emphasizes the different opportunities available for those who are looking to make a positive impact in their environmental communities.

Whatever aspect of the program you are interested in, you will find it in the above-listed organizations. If you are looking to embark on a voluntary program, Costa Rica has a lot of opportunities for you.

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