5 Best Places To Study Graphic Design Courses Abroad

Studying graphic design abroad is becoming increasingly popular for aspiring designers. It offers a chance to experience new cultures, enhance creativity, and gain a global perspective in the field.

This article provides insights into the best places to study graphic design courses abroad. We aim to guide students in making informed choices for their design education that can shape their creative future.

Benefits of Studying Graphic Design Abroad

Here are a few benefits of studying graphic design abroad brings:

Cultural Immersion and Creativity:

Students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in diverse cultures, sparking creativity and gaining new perspectives. Exposure to different artistic traditions inspires and enriches design creativity, bringing a unique flavour to their work.

Diverse Design Philosophies and Styles:

Exposure to various countries’ design philosophies and styles broadens students’ design repertoire and flexibility in their approach.

Learning diverse design aesthetics allows students to adapt and cater to a broader range of client preferences, making their work more versatile and appealing.

Global Networking and Career Opportunities:

Students can expand their professional network globally, leading to potential job opportunities and collaborations across borders.

Building connections during their study abroad experience opens doors to a wider range of design projects and freelance opportunities, enhancing their career prospects.

Personal Growth and Cultural Experience:

Living and studying in a foreign country fosters personal growth by enhancing adaptability, open-mindedness, and intercultural communication skills.

Experiencing different cultures firsthand enriches the student’s life, providing joyful memories and lasting friendships, shaping them into more globally aware and empathetic individuals.

Best Places To Study Graphic Design Courses Abroad

Studying graphic design abroad can be a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture, gain a fresh perspective on design, and potentially enhance your career prospects. Here are some excellent places to consider for studying graphic design abroad, along with reasons why they are great choices:

United States (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco)

The United States is a hub for design and technology, making it an ideal location to study graphic design. Cities like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco host numerous renowned design schools and creative agencies, providing exposure to diverse design styles and industry connections.

The U.S. is home to prestigious design institutions like Parsons School of Design, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), known for producing top-notch graphic designers. You really can not go wrong with any of these school choices.

United Kingdom (London, Glasgow, Manchester)

The UK boasts a rich design history and a thriving creative industry, making it an attractive destination for aspiring graphic designers. Studying in the UK exposes students to combining traditional design principles and cutting-edge digital techniques.

Universities such as Central Saint Martins (CSM), Royal College of Art (RCA), and University of the Arts London (UAL) have strong graphic design programs and a reputation for nurturing creative talent.

Germany (Berlin, Munich, Hamburg)

Germany is known for its strong emphasis on design, engineering, and innovation. Studying graphic design in Germany can offer exposure to well-established design culture, modern methodologies, and access to various design-related events and exhibitions.

Institutions like Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, University of the Arts Bremen, and Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd are renowned for their high-quality graphic design programs.

Canada (Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal)

Canada is gaining prominence in the design world, with a burgeoning creative industry and a multicultural environment that fosters innovative design thinking. Studying in Canada provides an opportunity to engage with a diverse community of designers and explore various design perspectives.

Schools like Emily Carr University of Art and Design, OCAD University, and Concordia University are respected for their graphic design programs and industry connections.

Netherlands (Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven)

The Netherlands is known for its progressive design approach, fostering experimentation and innovation. Studying graphic design in the Netherlands offers exposure to a vibrant design community, modern design methodologies, and a focus on sustainability and social impact.

Delft University of Technology, Design Academy Eindhoven, and Gerrit Rietveld Academie are esteemed institutions with strong graphic design programs.

Which Graphic Design Course Is Best?

Shillington Education: Graphic Design Course (Full-time and Part-time options) 

Shillington Education is a design school with campuses in various locations across the world, including New York, London, Melbourne, Sydney, and more. They offer an intensive graphic design course to equip students with practical skills and industry knowledge.

  • Full-time Course (3 months): This immersive course is ideal for individuals seeking an intensive learning experience. It covers key design principles, typography, branding, digital design, and more, preparing students for a successful career in graphic design.
  • Part-time Course (9 months): Shillington also offers a part-time option for those who wish to balance their studies with other commitments. This extended course covers the same curriculum as the full-time course but allows for a more flexible learning schedule.

Shillington Education is well-regarded globally for its focused and career-oriented approach. The school has a strong alumni network working in top design agencies and has received recognition for producing industry-ready designers.

Vancouver Film School: Graphic Design for Marketing Program (VFS)

(VFS) in Canada offers a program specifically focused on Graphic Design for Marketing. The program aims to provide students with the skills needed to thrive in the fast-paced marketing and advertising world.

  • Program Duration: This program is a 12-month full-time course that covers various aspects of graphic design, including branding, digital design, packaging, and marketing strategies.

Vancouver Film School is known for its industry-driven programs and strong connections to the media and entertainment industry. The Graphic Design for Marketing program is recognized for preparing students for successful careers in marketing-related design roles.

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

Graphic Design BFA RISD, located in Providence, Rhode Island, is among the most prestigious art and design schools in the United States. Their Graphic Design Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program is highly regarded and focuses on a comprehensive understanding of design principles and techniques.

  • Program Overview: The Graphic Design BFA at RISD covers various design aspects, including typography, branding, digital media, and print design. The curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, experimentation, and collaboration.

RISD has a long-standing reputation for producing exceptional designers and artists. The Graphic Design BFA is known for its rigorous curriculum and faculty of industry professionals.

Billy Blue College of Design: Bachelor of Communication Design

Billy Blue College of Design, located in Australia, offers a Bachelor of Communication Design program that focuses on developing skills and knowledge in various areas of graphic design.

  • Program Structure: The program covers design principles, digital design, user experience (UX) design, branding, advertising, and design for print. It aims to prepare students for careers in the dynamic field of communication design.

Billy Blue College of Design is well-regarded for its practical, industry-focused approach to education. The Bachelor of Communication Design program is recognized for producing graduates with strong design portfolios and industry relevance.

École de Communication Visuelle (ECV): Master’s in Graphic Design.

École de Communication Visuelle, with campuses in cities like Paris, Bordeaux, and more, offers a Master’s in Graphic Design program focused on advanced design concepts and creative exploration.

  • Program Highlights: The Master’s program covers editorial design, motion graphics, digital design, and design thinking. It encourages students to push the boundaries of traditional design and experiment with new mediums.

ECV is known for its forward-thinking approach to design education. The Master’s in Graphic Design program is recognized for nurturing innovative designers with a strong theoretical and practical foundation.

What Is The Best Country To Study Graphic Design?

Here are the best places To Study Graphic Design Courses Abroad, these countries are known for their strong graphic design education programs and design culture:

United States

The U.S. is home to many prestigious design schools and universities that offer comprehensive graphic design programs. Cities like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco have a vibrant design industry and provide excellent opportunities for internships and networking.

United Kingdom

The UK has a rich design heritage and offers top-notch graphic design programs. Cities like London, Glasgow, and Manchester host renowned design schools with strong industry connections and exposure to diverse design styles.


Germany is known for its emphasis on design, engineering, and innovation. The country offers high-quality graphic design education with a focus on practical skills and strong theoretical foundations. Cities like Berlin and Munich have thriving design communities.


The Netherlands is recognized for its progressive design approach and innovative design programs. Dutch institutions emphasize experimentation, interdisciplinary collaboration, and sustainability, making it an attractive destination for aspiring graphic designers.


Canada has a growing design industry and offers excellent graphic design programs. Cities like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal have reputable design schools that provide a well-rounded design education and exposure to a multicultural design environment.


Australia has a burgeoning creative industry and offers diverse graphic design programs. Cities like Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane host reputable design schools that provide a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical skills.


France has a rich artistic and cultural heritage, making it an inspiring location to study graphic design. Institutions in cities like Paris offer programs that blend traditional design principles with modern approaches, preparing students for a global design career.

Ultimately, the best country to study graphic design depends on your individual preferences and objectives.


Studying graphic design abroad is an increasingly popular choice for aspiring designers seeking to enrich their creative journey. This article has provided valuable insights into some of the best destinations worldwide to pursue graphic design education.

The experience of studying in a foreign country not only offers exposure to diverse cultures but also fosters creativity and provides a global perspective in the realm of design.

Studying abroad offers a transformative experience that not only enhances academic growth but also broadens horizons and fosters a deeper understanding of the global design landscape.

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