6 Best Psychology Programs in Missouri for 2023-2024

Studying psychology is an exciting endeavor, and choosing the right college is paramount to your success. In this comprehensive guide, we will meticulously explore the top psychology programs in Missouri for 2023-2024.

1. University of Missouri – Columbia (Mizzou)

Located in the heart of Columbia, Missouri, the University of Missouri, commonly known as Mizzou, stands as a beacon of academic excellence. With a rich history dating back to 1839, Mizzou’s psychology program has consistently been a leader in research and education.

Mizzou’s psychology department takes pride in its faculty, who actively contribute to cutting-edge research in various psychological disciplines. From cognitive neuroscience to clinical psychology, students can engage in transformative research projects.

Application Deadlines: 

Prospective students aiming for the Fall semester are advised to submit their applications by December 1 (priority) or February 1 (regular). For those considering the Spring semester, the deadline is October 1.

Application Requirements: 

In addition to standard application materials, prospective psychology students at Mizzou may be required to submit a compelling personal statement and letters of recommendation, providing insights into their academic prowess and passion for psychology.

Official website at: Academics – Mizzou Admissions – University of Missouri.

2. Washington University in St. Louis:

Situated in the vibrant city of St. Louis, Washington University consistently ranks among the top universities nationally. The university’s commitment to fostering intellectual curiosity extends to its psychology program, offering students an unparalleled academic experience.

Washington University’s psychology department has a legacy of producing groundbreaking research. From exploring the intricacies of behavioral psychology to delving into the depths of abnormal psychology, students have the opportunity to engage in transformative studies.

Application Deadlines:

The university offers multiple application deadlines, including January 2 for Regular Decision, November 1 for Early Decision I, and January 2 for Early Decision II. This flexibility caters to a diverse pool of prospective students.

Application Requirements: 

While the university has transitioned to an optional standardized test policy for the 2023-2024 academic year, applicants are still encouraged to submit standardized test scores. The Common Application, transcripts, and letters of recommendation are also standard requirements.

Official website at: Academics – Washington University in St. Louis.

3. Saint Louis University (SLU):

Located in the bustling city of St. Louis, Saint Louis University (SLU) embraces a holistic approach to psychology education. SLU’s commitment to experiential learning sets the stage for students to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios.

SLU’s psychology program stands out for its emphasis on hands-on research opportunities. Faculty mentorship and collaboration on research projects contribute to the program’s reputation for producing well-rounded graduates.

Application Deadlines: 

Aspiring students targeting the Fall semester should submit their applications by February 1 (priority), with rolling admission thereafter. For those eyeing the Spring semester, the deadline is November 1.

Application Requirements: 

In addition to standard documentation, SLU encourages applicants to submit a personal statement, a resume showcasing relevant experiences, and letters of recommendation.

Official website at: Admission : SLU.

4. Truman State University:

Tucked away in the picturesque town of Kirksville, Truman State University is renowned for its dedication to undergraduate education. The psychology program at Truman State thrives on creating an intimate learning environment with small class sizes.

Truman State’s psychology department is celebrated for its commitment to fostering close student-faculty relationships. The university’s emphasis on undergraduate research creates a dynamic learning environment for psychology enthusiasts.

Application Deadlines: 

Prospective students eager to join Truman State for the Fall semester should aim to submit their applications by February 1 (priority). The university operates on a rolling admission basis thereafter, offering flexibility to applicants.

Application Requirements: 

In addition to standard application materials, Truman State values essays and letters of recommendation, allowing applicants to showcase their unique perspectives and accomplishments.

Official website at: Majors & Programs – International Students | Truman State University.

5. University of Missouri – Kansas City (UMKC):

UMKC, situated in the vibrant city of Kansas City, is a melting pot of diversity and academic innovation. The psychology department at UMKC reflects this diversity, offering a wide array of courses and research opportunities.

UMKC’s psychology program is known for its inclusive approach, welcoming students from various backgrounds. The curriculum emphasizes diversity and cultural competence, preparing graduates for a globalized world.

Application Deadlines: 

Aspiring students eyeing the Fall semester at UMKC should aim to submit their applications by March 1 (priority), with rolling admission thereafter. For those considering the Spring semester, the deadline is October 1.

Application Requirements: 

The application process at UMKC typically involves submitting transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement. These elements provide a holistic view of the applicant’s academic and personal qualities.

Official website at: Academic Programs < University of Missouri-Kansas City.

6. Webster University:

Nestled in Webster Groves, Missouri, Webster University offers a psychology program with a global perspective. The university’s commitment to critical thinking and research skills sets the stage for students to thrive in an ever-evolving field.

Webster University stands out for its emphasis on cultivating critical thinking skills in psychology students. The program encourages students to question assumptions and explore diverse perspectives.

Application Deadlines: 

Webster University operates on rolling admission for the Fall semester, allowing flexibility for prospective students. For those considering the Spring semester, the deadline is November 1.

Application Requirements: 

In addition to standard documentation, Webster University values personal statements, letters of recommendation, and standardized test scores, providing a comprehensive view of the applicant’s academic capabilities.

Official website at: Admissions | Webster University.

Additional Expenses and Costs:

1. Tuition and Fees

Tuition costs vary by institution. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it is recommended to visit the official websites of the respective colleges.

2. Housing and Accommodation:

Consideration of housing options is crucial. Both on-campus and off-campus housing options are available, each with its associated costs. Prospective students should assess their preferences and budget constraints when making accommodation decisions.

3. Books and Supplies:

Psychology students often incur costs for textbooks and supplies. To mitigate expenses, consider purchasing used books or exploring digital options offered by the colleges.

4. Transportation:

Transportation costs should be factored in, especially for students who plan to commute or travel between campus and home frequently. Consideration of public transportation, carpooling, or campus shuttles can aid in budgeting for transportation expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.What is the average class size for psychology courses?

Class sizes in psychology courses typically range from 20 to 30 students. This allows for a personalized and interactive learning experience, fostering close relationships with professors.

2. Are there internship opportunities available for psychology students?

Yes, all the aforementioned colleges offer robust internship programs for psychology students. These opportunities provide invaluable real-world experiences to complement theoretical knowledge.

3. Can I apply for financial aid, and what types are available?

Each college provides various financial aid options, including scholarships, grants, and work-study programs. It is advisable to check with the respective financial aid offices for specific details, eligibility criteria, and application procedures.


In navigating the intricate landscape of psychology programs in Missouri, it is evident that each college offers a unique blend of academic rigor, research opportunities, and a supportive learning environment. By exploring the details of notable institutions like the University of Missouri – Columbia, Washington University in St. Louis, Saint Louis University, Truman State University, University of Missouri – Kansas City, and Webster University, prospective psychology students can make informed decisions aligned with their academic and career aspirations. As you embark on this transformative educational journey, remember that the pursuit of knowledge is not only about the destination but also the experiences and discoveries along the way.

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