Best Neighborhoods in Roseville, CA

Roseville, California, is a city with different neighborhoods, each with its unique charm and amenities. As a sought-after community in Placer County, Roseville has gained recognition for its family-friendly atmosphere, excellent schools, and proximity to urban conveniences and natural beauty. 

Whether you’re drawn to the bustling energy of commercial districts, the tranquility of residential areas, or the vibrant cultural scene, Roseville offers a spectrum of living options. In exploring the best neighborhoods in Roseville, we will delve into the distinctive characteristics that make each area stand out.

Best Neighborhoods in Roseville, CA

Here are the best neighborhoods in Roseville, CA;

1. Highland Reserve

Highland Reserve, situated in Roseville, California, is home to 5,550 residents. The community provides a densely suburban ambiance, and most inhabitants are homeowners. Highland Reserve stands out with its abundance of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks, making it an attractive locale for families and young professionals. 

The neighborhood has a highly-rated public school, adding to its appeal to residents. Highland Reserve is an ideal destination if you love shopping, indulging in happy hours, and savoring fine dining experiences. Homes in this area range from $450,000 to $600,000.

2. Westpark

Located in the heart of Roseville, California, Westpark emerges as a prime investment locale. Having different-priced homes and apartments, the neighborhood presents a compelling opportunity for those seeking properties with significant growth potential. 

The abundance of trails and parks and recent construction further enhance Westpark’s appeal as a lucrative investment. With its unbeatable location and reasonable price range, Westpark is an excellent choice for prospective investors seeking real estate opportunities in Roseville.

3. East Roseville Parkway

East Roseville Parkway stands out as a sought-after neighborhood for families and professionals, owing to its outstanding schools, beautiful parks, and strategic positioning. The area’s educational institutions include the highly-rated Stoneridge Elementary and Oakmont High School. 

Residents also enjoy the presence of scenic parks like Maidu Regional Park and Olympus Pointe Sculpture Park. Additionally, the proximity to shopping and dining options at the nearby Galleria Mall and Fountains enhances the overall convenience of the neighborhood.

4. Johnson Ranch

Johnson Ranch is a long-established neighborhood that provides a serene and family-oriented atmosphere. It has attractive residences, mature trees, and convenient proximity to schools and parks; Johnson Ranch is a perfect option for many families.

The neighborhood enjoys proximity to highly regarded educational institutions, including the Eureka Union School District and Granite Bay High School. Residents can access beautiful parks like Johnson Ranch Park and Maidu Regional Park. Also, the proximity of the shopping and dining destinations at the Galleria Mall and Fountains makes Johnson Ranch more appealing.

5. Morgan Creek

In the western part of Roseville, Morgan Creek is among the more recent residential developments in Roseville, California. This master-planned community is enveloped by an exclusive 18-hole golf course, offering a range of housing options, including beautiful neighborhoods, semi-custom homes, and custom luxury residences. 

Numerous homes provide impressive views of the foothills and meticulously maintained fairways. Typically, home prices in Morgan Creek span from $600,000 to surpassing $1,000,000.

6. Fiddyment Farm

Fiddyment Farm is a well-planned community, providing an ideal fusion of suburban lifestyle and contemporary conveniences. It has attractive parks, outstanding schools, and easily accessible shopping centers; Fiddyment Farm emerges as a premier preference for both families and professionals.

The neighborhood is home to esteemed educational institutions such as Fiddyment Farm Elementary and Woodcreek High School. Residents also benefit from convenient access to shopping and dining options at the Fountains and Galleria Mall. 

7. Woodcreek Oaks

Woodcreek Oaks is a family-centric neighborhood, presenting an excellent blend of suburban lifestyle and outdoor leisure. It has parks, top-tier schools, and a strategic location; Woodcreek Oaks is a favored option for families and professionals.

Distinguished educational institutions, like Woodcreek High School and Silverado Middle School, contribute to the growth of the neighborhoods. Residents also enjoy the presence of attractive parks.

8. Diamond Oaks

Diamond Oaks is an established neighborhood, providing a serene and family-friendly atmosphere. Featuring attractive residences, mature trees, and convenient proximity to schools and parks, Diamond Oaks emerges as a perfect option for families.

The neighborhood is conveniently near esteemed educational institutions like Diamond Creek Elementary and Roseville High School. Residents also benefit from access to the parks, including Diamond Oaks Park and Harry Crabb Park. The ease of reaching shopping and dining destinations at the Galleria Mall and Fountains makes Diamond Oaks an excellent neighborhood.

9. Sun City 

Sun City Roseville is a splendid and welcoming community for those aged 55 and above seeking a vibrant, health-conscious lifestyle. Featuring an acclaimed 18-hole golf course and an enjoyable 9-hole course, Sun City in Roseville provides designated golf cart lanes for convenient access to golfing, clubhouse visits, or community events. 

The community’s entrance is adorned with ponds, creeks, mature trees, and gently rolling fairways, creating a delightful living environment. Real estate prices in this community range from $400,000 to surpassing $600,000.

10. Crocker Ranch

Crocker Ranch is an exclusive, gated community providing a lavish and refined way of life. Characterized by exquisite residences, lush greenery, and secluded parks, this neighborhood caters to those searching for a serene and upscale living atmosphere.

It has elegant custom homes featuring expansive lots, complemented by private parks and walking trails for residents to enjoy. The neighborhood’s advantageous location near esteemed educational institutions, including Blue Oaks Elementary and Woodcreek High School, further enhances its desirability.


Roseville, California, has a diverse tapestry of neighborhoods with unique features. Whether it’s the family-friendly atmosphere of Highland Reserve, the safety assurances of Fiddyment Farm, or the luxurious exclusivity of Crocker Ranch, Roseville offers a spectrum of living options to cater to various preferences. 

From established communities like Diamond Oaks to newer developments like Morgan Creek, the city provides an array of choices for residents seeking a blend of suburban living, top-rated schools, and access to parks and amenities. With a focus on community, safety, and convenience, Roseville’s neighborhoods collectively contribute to making the city a desirable place to call home.

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