Can We Retake One Module in IELTS in Canada?

Do you want to know why IELTS retakes aren’t accepted by Express Entry? This article will explain everything you need to know about IELTS retakes and Express Entry, and we will also cover the details of IELTS retakes for one skill, the Test Report Form, and the reasons Canada won’t accept IELTS retakes for Express Entry in this complete guide.

In Canada, is it possible to retake one IELTS module?

A test used to gauge language competency is called the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), and it is accepted throughout the world. This test will probably be required of you if you plan to study, work, or immigrate to Canada. 

What if, however, one of the test’s components, such as speaking or writing, didn’t perform as well as you had hoped? Can we retake one module in IELTS in Canada? The answer is Yes and it is possible through the invention of the One Skill Retakes in IELTS.

IELTS’s flexibility for test takers is one of its enticing features. You might be able to repeat just that one module if you discover that, despite doing well in most of the test’s portions, you still need to work on a particular skill.

At any testing facility where it is available, candidates can attempt the IELTS One Skill Retake. It is available in some places for both the IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training tests. Properly follow through with instructions and procedures on the One Skill Retake tests, you can visit the official IELTS One Skill Retake – IELTS website.

Retaking the IELTS One Skill Test Requirements 

1. Time Limit

It’s crucial to stick to the allotted time when thinking about retaking an exam for one skill. You typically have 60 days from the date of your initial test to repeat any modules you feel you need to strengthen. To verify their policies, you must speak with your exam center. It’s also important to note that only one IELTS module retake is permitted for each entire IELTS test.

2. Fees

Even for just one skill, a retake often entails a charge. You should be ready to pay for the right to retake a module, even though the exact price may vary from one testing center to another. For comprehensive information on costs, contact your test center.

3. Complete Test Retake

Even though you might only be retaking one module, you still need to finish the entire IELTS test once more. The corresponding scores from your prior test will be replaced by the new scores from your retake. Therefore, if you want to raise your overall score, it’s critical to perform well in each area.

4. Adequate Preparation

Before retaking a specific module, make sure you allot adequate time to prepare and advance in that skill area. To make sure you’re prepared, take into account signing up for IELTS prep classes, getting practice materials, and sitting for mock exams.

When Can a Module Not Be Retaken?

There are some circumstances in which retaking one of the IELTS modules in Canada may not be an option:

Score Validity: 

The IELTS scores are normally good for two years. If your initial test results are older than this, you might need to retake the complete test rather than just one module.


Depending on the number of testing slots that are available in your location, you might be able to retake one module. It’s critical to confirm availability with your test center.

Previous Retakes: 

There may be restrictions on how many times you can retake a particular module at some testing facilities. Be sure to ask your exam center about this.

Why Canada Doesn’t Accept IELTS Retakes for Express Entry

A common route for economic immigration is Canada’s Express Entry program. IELTS test results are a crucial factor in determining Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points, and language proficiency is a key factor in Express Entry. 

Thus, why is a retake of the IELTS not accepted by Express Entry? The main justification for this is that the Express Entry system only takes into account your greatest rating for each language skill, as opposed to averaging all ratings. Retaking only one module might not be as beneficial in this situation as retaking the whole test and getting better results across the board. The time frame for receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) is often short, therefore waiting for a one-skill retake could not fit with that schedule.

It’s frequently more advantageous for Express Entry applicants to concentrate on studying for and retaking the entire IELTS test. A sizable increase in your total score can make all the difference if you’re on the verge of the CRS cutoff for an ITA.

What’s Next? The Best Course of Action 

Planning is crucial for anybody trying to raise their IELTS scores, especially those aiming for Canadian immigration through Express Entry. Here is the recommended course of action for 2023

Evaluate Your Present Scores 

Analyze your most recent IELTS results to determine your strengths and areas for development.


Set aside time to plan. Enrol in IELTS preparation classes or use the online tools and practice tests. To monitor your development, practice exams frequently.

Consider A Full Retake

If your present scores are not very close to the CRS criteria, you might want to think about taking the IELTS test completely again. This strategy may lead to more notable improvements and a better CRS score.

Profile Update

After retaking the IELTS and receiving higher scores, you should update your Express Entry profile with the new information. This will guarantee that you get the extra CRS points.

Keep Up to Date

Be aware of Express Entry deadlines and draws. For the best chance of getting an ITA, time your retake with the future draws.


It is possible to retake one IELTS module in Canada, however, there are restrictions, deadlines, and costs involved. Understanding why Canada won’t accept IELTS retakes and the best ways to raise your CRS score is vital if you’re attempting to immigrate to Canada through Express Entry. 

Your passport to a successful Express Entry application and your ambition of residing and working in Canada may be a planned approach to IELTS retakes and thorough preparation.

So if you’ve been asking the question, Can We Retake One Module in IELTS in Canada? Then we hope you find this guide helpful as you look forward to making your plans.


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