6 Colleges That Allows Gap Year Programs

Are you on the brink of leaving high school, contemplating the leap to college? Consider the allure of a gap year, a pause before diving into higher education. This period of exploration, self-discovery, and community engagement is endorsed by progressive U.S. universities. Here are the best 6 Colleges That Allows Gap Year Programs.

1. Florida State University (FSU) Gap Year 

Begin this exploration of transformative academic transitions with Florida State University (FSU), where the conventional Ivy League tradition takes a back seat. FSU breaks the mold, actively advocating for incoming freshmen to embark on gap years. What sets FSU apart is its commitment, going beyond encouragement to provide additional financial support for students opting for a gap year. This commitment underscores the university’s recognition of the enriching value of diverse experiences before students set foot on their Tallahassee campus.

2. Tufts University 1+4 Bridge Year 

Venture into the realm of Tufts University, a global stalwart renowned for its distinguished international relations department. Tufts takes the lead with its pioneering “bridge-year” program, a novel initiative centered on volunteering and community service. This program isn’t confined to distant shores but spans Ecuador, India, Nicaragua, Brazil, and even domestic locations. Through engaging in impactful projects, students gain a firsthand global perspective, setting the stage for a more enlightened entry into their college odyssey.

3. Princeton University: Novogratz Bridge Year Program 

Shift the spotlight to Princeton University, an institution synonymous with academic excellence, and explore its Novogratz Bridge Year Program. This competitive program extends a select group of students a unique opportunity: a nine-month, tuition-free volunteer stint in diverse global locations. Whether it’s Bolivia, China, India, Indonesia, or Senegal, participants contribute meaningfully to communities abroad, setting the stage for a holistic and culturally enriched commencement of their Princeton journey.

4. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (UNC) Global Gap Year Fellowship

Transition seamlessly to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (UNC) and its structured Global Gap Year Fellowship. Operating as a fellowship program, UNC provides funding for students committed to a service-oriented gap year abroad. The uniqueness lies in students proposing their preferred gap year location during the application process, aligning UNC’s dedication to fostering global engagement and impactful service.

5. American University (AU) Gap Program 

Bring the focus closer to the heart of the nation, Washington, D.C., with American University’s Gap Program. Although not a gap year abroad, this program situated students in one of the most globally-minded cities in the U.S. The aim is clear: to ease students into the rhythm of college life and equip them with career-ready skills. Through internships with esteemed organizations like the National Geographic Society, students gain invaluable experiences to carry into their international careers.

6. University of Oregon

The University of Oregon strongly supports the concept of gap years, referring to them as valuable periods of “time on.” They actively advocate for students contemplating a gap year to meticulously plan their experiences to maximize their benefits. While not everyone may receive approval for a gap year, those dedicated to enrolling at the University of Oregon afterward can enhance their chances by drafting a thoughtful statement of intent outlining their plans and maintaining a solid GPA.

Why Opt for a Gap Year? 

The decision to defer college for a year and embark on a gap year is multifaceted. It’s a choice made by those seeking clarity on their life goals, exploring varied interests, or recognizing the value of experiential education beyond traditional classrooms. Gap years offer a unique chance for personal and cultural immersion, allowing students to step outside their comfort zones, test their limits, and discover what truly ignites their passion. The benefits extend beyond a mere vacation – it’s a profound journey of self-discovery and skill development.


The journey from high school to college need not be a hurried sprint but a purposeful exploration. A gap year, as advocated by innovative universities like Florida State, Tufts, Princeton, UNC Chapel Hill, American, and the University of Oregon, becomes a transformative bridge. It’s a chance for self-discovery, global perspective, and skill development, offering a profound launchpad for personal evolution and enriching experiences before stepping into the college odyssey.

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