France Excellence Eiffel Scholarship For International Students 2024

Program Objectives

The France Excellence Eiffel scholarship program, an initiative by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is vital to bolster French higher education institutions in attracting the most accomplished international students for Master’s and Doctoral/PhD degree programs. It is designed to train future leaders, equipping them with knowledge and expertise in priority areas of study that span the spectrum of human endeavor.

Areas of Study

The program’s academic purview encompasses two principal disciplinary fields, offering opportunities in seven specialized areas of study for both Master’s and Doctorate components:

For Science and Technology:

  1. Biology and Health
  2. Ecological Transition
  3. Mathematics and Digital
  4. Engineering Sciences

For Humanities and Social Sciences:

  1. History, French Language, and Civilization
  2. Law and Political Science
  3. Economics and Management

Levels of Study

French higher education institutions that nominate candidates for the France Excellence Eiffel program commit to enrolling them in a variety of academic tracks, including:

  1. Courses leading to a Master’s degree
  2. Engineering programs
  3. Joint doctoral programs that entail collaborative dissertation supervision and/or the pursuit of a dual degree, often in partnership with an international institution.

Duration of the Scholarship

Master’s Level:

  • A maximum of 12 months for enrollment in an M2 program.
  • A maximum of 24 months for those in an M1 program.
  • A maximum of 36 months for the completion of an engineering degree.

Doctorate Level:

The France Excellence Eiffel scholarship spans a duration of 6 to 36 months, commencing on September 1 of the year the scholarship is conferred.

Benefits Included

Master’s Level

Recipients of the France Excellence Eiffel scholarship at the Master’s level receive a monthly allowance of €1,181. This stipend is accompanied by an array of services, including international and national transportation, insurance, assistance with housing searches, and participation in cultural activities.

Doctorate Level

Scholars pursuing a Doctorate under this program are awarded a monthly stipend of €1,700, complemented by services such as international and national transportation, insurance, assistance in finding accommodation, and access to cultural activities.

Please Note: Tuition fees are not covered by the France Excellence Eiffel program, and scholars are responsible for these expenses.

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How to Apply for the France Excellence Eiffel Scholarship

First Step

Contact Campus France in your home country or the Cooperation and Cultural Action Department at the French Embassy. These entities can provide guidance and advice regarding your study plans. To ascertain application procedures and deadlines, reach out to the international relations department of a French educational institution through their website, email, or telephone. The choice of the institution aligning with your academic goals rests with you, as all French higher education institutions are eligible for scholarship applications.

Second Step

Once you’ve identified your institution of choice, your application for the France Excellence Eiffel scholarship will be accepted and supported by that institution. The institution is responsible for submitting your application through the dedicated Campus France website. Note that applications sent directly by students or foreign institutions are deemed ineligible.

The France Excellence Eiffel scholarship is an exceptional opportunity to further your academic journey in France and receive a well-rounded education in various disciplines. If you meet the program’s requirements and aspire to study in France, we encourage you to explore this prestigious scholarship.


The France Excellence Eiffel Scholarship program stands as a beacon of academic opportunity, fostering global collaboration and knowledge exchange. It plays a crucial role in shaping the next generation of leaders by supporting them in vital areas of study. With its comprehensive benefits and a wide range of academic disciplines, this scholarship program paves the way for international students to excel in their chosen fields. If you are an aspiring scholar seeking to study in France and meet the eligibility criteria, the France Excellence Eiffel Scholarship could be your gateway to academic excellence.

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