How to Make Money Online in Ethiopia

Today opportunities to generate income online have become increasingly accessible, transcending geographical boundaries. Ethiopia, with its rich cultural tapestry and growing internet connectivity, is no exception to this trend. Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or someone looking for supplementary income, the online realm offers diverse avenues to explore. 

From freelance services and online marketplaces to e-commerce ventures, this guide will delve into practical strategies tailored to the Ethiopian context, helping you navigate the virtual landscape and harness the potential of online opportunities to make money.

How to Make Money Online in Ethiopia

There are various ways to make money in Ethiopia, as stated below:

1. Open a YouTube channel

Everyone, including you, has the potential to earn money on YouTube. The platform offers the opportunity to create a channel covering a wide range of topics: product reviews, educational content, pranks, or video game streams. Begin by selecting a niche or industry and defining your goals. Decide if you want to make informative, educational, or entertaining videos. 

Once you’ve chosen, create your channel and debut with your first video, paying attention to audience feedback for insights.

However, being a successful YouTuber requires ongoing effort. Invest time building your social media presence to attract the subscribers needed for monetization. Starting a YouTube channel demands dedication, but the potential financial rewards make it worthwhile.

2. Take Paid Surveys

An uncomplicated method to earn money online involves participating in paid surveys. While the earnings may be insignificant, they offer a modest yet meaningful financial supplement without requiring a significant time or effort investment.

Suppose you’re curious about the rationale behind paying for surveys. In that case, it serves as a means for research companies to gather valuable insights into customer opinions and preferences. The information obtained from these surveys enables brands and companies to make informed business and investment decisions.

3. Share Your Internet Connection

Discover a simple method to generate passive income in Ethiopia by sharing your internet. This effortless income stream involves selling your unused internet bandwidth to others. To get started, install a suitable app on any internet-connected device, create an account, and let the company manage the rest. They will rent your bandwidth to users, allowing them to browse your IP. Essentially, you’re set as long as your device is connected to the internet.

It’s crucial to use a reliable app that prioritizes security to ensure your privacy and safety while turning your untapped bandwidth into a source of income.

4. Become an Influencer

Becoming a social media influencer doesn’t require athleticism, singing talent, or reality TV fame. Anyone dedicated to cultivating a substantial following within a specific industry can achieve influencer status. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram offer prime opportunities, so it’s essential to comprehend their dynamics.

Focus on building a community after selecting a platform and defining your niche based on expertise or interests. Successful influencer status demands a significant time commitment to produce high-quality content consistently. This effort is crucial to attracting new followers and monetizing your influence through avenues like charging for sponsored posts, selling photos, incorporating affiliate links, establishing an online store, or participating in events.

5. Become a Transcriptionist

While artificial intelligence is advancing in speech-to-text transcription, it remains imperfect. Consequently, numerous companies opt for human transcriptionists to convert audio from videos and speech files into text accurately. In Ethiopia, you can explore part-time opportunities with platforms like Rev or freelance with various firms on specific projects to earn money online. 

Many companies offer flexibility, allowing you to choose assignments and set your schedule. The beauty of this endeavor lies in its lack of upfront investment—utilize the built-in speakers on your computer for transcription. It’s essential to enhance your typing skills to excel, ensuring error-free and comprehensible text for clients. Strengthen your abilities by practicing with short audio files and preparing yourself for job applications with transcription companies.

6. Review Websites and Apps

Another avenue for free online income in Ethiopia involves earning by reviewing websites. Certain companies, such as— UserTesting and TestBird, provide payments and complementary products in exchange for testimonials on their sites. Alternatively, individuals can be paid to assess the quality and performance of various websites.

During website reviews, the focus is on assessing functionality and loading speed. Earnings are contingent on the marketplace and testing methods employed—generally, one-on-one testing sessions conducted via video conferencing yield higher profits.

7. Join an Affiliate Program

If you possess practical marketing skills, consider joining an affiliate program to earn commissions by promoting products, services, or brands across various platforms. Upon acceptance, you’ll receive an affiliate link to share. Earning commissions occurs when individuals make purchases after clicking your shared link, and you receive both a commission and referral credit. 

Commission rates vary based on the affiliate program and the promoted product—while essential items on Amazon may yield less, promoting digital services such as web hosting can be a lucrative way to make money online in Ethiopia.

Contrary to common belief, affiliate marketing isn’t limited to blog promotions. Use social media like Instagram and Facebook to promote businesses and generate online income in Ethiopia.

8. Become a Freelancer

Leverage your skills in design, programming, marketing, or other areas by offering freelance services to a global clientele. Charge for your expertise, working during your available hours. This temporary gig can become a lucrative primary income source as positive feedback accumulates.

Freelancing provides flexibility and autonomy, allowing you to set your schedule and take breaks as needed. You have complete control over the jobs and clients you choose, with the ability to decline offers that don’t align with your preferences, whether in terms of payment or client dynamics. Explore freelance opportunities on platforms like UpWork and Freelancer, which currently offer work for skilled individuals in Ethiopia.


Venturing into online opportunities presents a viable avenue for individuals in Ethiopia to bolster their income. The digital realm offers diverse options, from content creation on platforms like YouTube to participating in paid surveys or offering freelance services. Embracing affiliate marketing and exploring the website review world also opens doors to additional income streams. 

Whether you possess creative skills, marketing acumen, or specific expertise, the online landscape provides a platform for financial growth. As technology advances, the potential for making money online in Ethiopia remains accessible and adaptable, empowering individuals to harness their skills for financial success.

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