11 Best Language Schools For Adults

Are you an adult eager to learn a new language? Explore the best language schools for adults, where learning is fun and effective. Discover engaging classes and experienced teachers dedicated to making language learning a breeze. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your skills, these schools offer a welcoming environment to help you master a new language with ease.

11 Best Language Schools For Adults

Tico Lingo

  • Where? Heredia, Costa Rica
  • Language? Spanish
  • Average cost? $500/week

Tico Lingo provides an immersive Spanish learning experience amid the vibrant culture of Costa Rica. With picturesque surroundings and expert instructors, this school offers a dynamic environment for adults seeking to master the Spanish language.

Red Tree Study

  • Where? Medellín/Bogotá, Colombia
  • Language? Spanish
  • Average cost? €500/week

For those drawn to the rich cultural tapestry of Colombia, Red Tree Study stands out. With locations in Medellín and Bogotá, this school offers Spanish courses that blend language acquisition with cultural immersion, providing a comprehensive learning experience for adults.

Hutong School

  • Where? Beijing/Shanghai, China
  • Language? Mandarin
  • Average cost? $500/week

If Mandarin is your target language, Hutong School in Beijing and Shanghai offers a gateway to linguistic proficiency. Immerse yourself in Chinese culture while honing your language skills through dynamic classes and cultural activities designed for adult learners.


  • Where? Nice, France
  • Language? French
  • Average cost? €360/week

Go on a journey to French fluency with Actilang in the charming city of Nice. Experience an enriching language-learning adventure set against the backdrop of the French Riviera, combining education with the beauty of the locale.

Jakera Cuba

  • Where? Old Habana, Cuba
  • Language? Spanish
  • Average cost? $400/week

Immerse yourself in Spanish with Jakera Cuba in the heart of Old Habana. Beyond language classes, explore the cultural richness of Cuba’s capital, making your language-learning experience vibrant and unforgettable.

A Door To Italy

  • Where? Genoa, Italy
  • Language? Italian
  • Average cost? €295/week

Discover Italian fluency with A Door To Italy in the historic city of Genoa. Beyond language education, explore the city’s heritage and culinary delights, creating a comprehensive Italian language and cultural experience.

Language Vacation

  • Where? São Paulo, Brazil
  • Language? Portuguese
  • Average cost? $610/week

Experience the vibrant culture of Brazil while mastering Portuguese with Language Vacation in São Paulo. Priced at $610 per week, this program offers adults an immersive language-learning vacation. Dive into the rhythm of samba, explore local cuisine, and enhance your Portuguese skills in the lively atmosphere of São Paulo.

Hutong School

  • Where? Beijing/Shanghai, China
  • Language? Mandarin
  • Average cost? $500/week

For those fascinated by the allure of China, Hutong School provides a Mandarin immersion experience in Beijing and Shanghai. Priced at $500 per week, this program offers adults a dynamic blend of language education and cultural exploration. Explore the ancient wonders and modern marvels of China while mastering Mandarin in an immersive environment.

Knowledge Must

  • Where? Multiple cities in India
  • Language? Hindi
  • Average cost? Around $100/week

Knowledge Must offers a unique opportunity for adults to master Hindi across various cities in India. With an affordable price tag, this program ensures a cost-effective yet comprehensive language-learning experience. Immerse yourself in the diversity of India while acquiring proficiency in Hindi, making it an ideal choice for those seeking linguistic and cultural enrichment.

Babilonia Italian Language School

  • Where? Taormina, Italy
  • Language? Italian
  • Average cost? Starting at €175/week

Located  in the charming town of Taormina, Babilonia Italian Language School beckons adults to delve into the beauty of the Italian language. With a starting cost of €175 per week, this school combines language education with the allure of Sicilian culture, providing a holistic and captivating approach to mastering Italian.

The Excellence Center in Palestine

  • Where? Hebron, Palestine
  • Language? Arabic
  • Average cost? €150/week

Go on a journey to Arabic mastery with The Excellence Center in the historic city of Hebron, Palestine. With an average cost of €150 per week, this program offers adults a unique opportunity to not only learn Arabic but also immerse themselves in the rich cultural tapestry of Palestine, creating a transformative language-learning experience.

Can I learn a language fluently as an adult?

Yes, you can. Learning a language fluently as an adult is entirely achievable. While the process may differ from childhood learning, adults bring valuable skills and motivation to the table. Consistent practice, immersion, and utilizing language-learning tools can contribute to success. Set realistic goals, embrace cultural aspects, and celebrate milestones. With dedication and perseverance, fluency is well within reach for adult language learners.

Can I learn a language at 40?

Yes you can learn a language at 40. While there may be some differences in the learning process compared to acquiring a language at a younger age, adults have distinct advantages such as motivation, prior learning experiences, and cognitive skills.

Commit to consistent practice, use various language-learning resources, engage with native speakers, and set realistic goals. Embrace the journey, and with dedication, you can certainly achieve proficiency and fluency in a new language at 40.

What is the closest language to English?

The closest language to English is Frisian, specifically West Frisian. West Frisian is spoken by the Frisian people, primarily in the Friesland region of the Netherlands. While English and West Frisian are not mutually intelligible, they share a common linguistic ancestry as both belong to the West Germanic branch of the Germanic language family. English also shares similarities with other Germanic languages such as German and Dutch, but West Frisian is considered the closest living relative to English.


Want to learn a new language as a grown-up? Check out these cool schools for adults. They make learning fun and easy. Meet awesome teachers and enjoy classes that help you speak a new language. Whether you’re just starting or want to get better, these schools are friendly places to learn. From Spanish in Costa Rica to Mandarin in China, each school has its own style. Dive into the adventure of learning a language as an adult—it’s never too late!

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