A Guide On Where to Live in Vancouver: 11 Amazing Neighborhoods

Wondering or asking yourself the question, where should I reside in Vancouver? This thorough guide offers helpful insights and suggestions to assist you in selecting your ideal living place in this dynamic city. Let’s examine a thorough guide to Vancouver’s neighborhoods so you can choose the area that best suits your preferences and way of life.

About Vancouver 

Vancouver is a city of breathtaking natural beauty, great cultural diversity, and a robust and diverse economy. It is frequently referred to as “Hollywood North” because of its expanding film industry. It attracts both native Canadians and foreigners, but finding the ideal neighborhood in this thriving city is essential to leading a happy life. We have covered where to live in Vancouver.

11 Places To Check Out In Vancouver

So, if the question on your mind is where to live In Vancouver, below are some options to consider:


Urban oasis that is Yaletown, a once-industrial area called Yaletown has undergone a spectacular metamorphosis into a vibrant urban sanctuary. Modern city living is perfectly encapsulated by its soaring high-rises and stylish architecture. This vibrant neighborhood is well-known for its premium restaurants and waterfront promenades, which provide inhabitants with breathtaking views of False Creek and the well-known Granville Street Bridge. 

Yaletown is a great place to live for young professionals and anyone who enjoys the city’s liveliness. One of Vancouver’s most sought-after neighborhoods, this flourishing area smoothly blends business and pleasure thanks to its abundance of chic boutiques and vibrant nightlife. Read our article on Moving To Vancouver: Everything You Need To Know


Kitsilano, also referred to as “Kits,” is the epitome of seaside happiness. For those who appreciate the coastal way of life, this picturesque neighborhood is a sun-drenched haven. It’s a way of life, not just a location. Kitsilano attracts sunbathers, swimmers, and lovers of water sports with its sandy shoreline, lovely parks, and legendary stretches of beachfront. While the beach is the main attraction, Kitsilano also has a wide selection of hip shops, natural food markets, and delicious restaurants. Kitsilano is an abundant source of entertainment and relaxation for families and everyone who enjoys the outdoors.

Commercial Drive: A Gem of the Bohemian

The bohemian gem of Commercial Drive, often known as “The Drive,” brings together the strands of creativity and cultural diversity. This busy street is a melting pot of cultural influences, including a diverse population from all over the world. The area is alive with artistic expression, from the vivid murals that paint its buildings to the diverse array of businesses that line its streets. The Drive is a gathering place for poets, musicians, artists, and foodies. Residents of this close-knit, welcoming village enjoy the excitement of festivals, fairs, and cultural events that take place all year round.

West End

The West End in Vancouver’s downtown offers a distinctive fusion of urban convenience and outdoor tranquility. It is located on the westernmost point of the city. This is a neighborhood that embodies tranquility while being just steps from the busy city center. It is bordered by Stanley Park, English Bay, and the scenic seawall. Its tree-lined lanes connect to thriving neighborhoods where locals enjoy a gentler pace, leisurely beach strolls, lovely pavement cafés, and a feeling of classic elegance. It’s more than simply a place to live; it’s a haven where you can escape the bustle of the city and rediscover the beauty of nature.

North Shore

The North Shore, which includes West Vancouver and North Vancouver, is the best playground in all of nature. This area offers a wide range of outdoor adventures because it is tucked between the Pacific Ocean and the magnificent Coast Mountains. It’s an oasis for hikers, skiers, and lovers of water sports, from the challenging slopes of Grouse Mountain to the serene shores of Deep Cove. The benefits are immeasurable: breathtaking landscapes, virgin forests, and an intense feeling of community. The drive to the city center may be a little longer. Outdoor enthusiasts can find comfort in nature on the North Shore.


The thriving Asian community in Richmond, which is frequently referred to as the “Gateway to the Pacific,” has turned the city into a culinary haven. A sensory voyage through the tastes of the East is provided by the thriving night markets, genuine dim sum eateries, and Asian grocery stores in the city. With varied cuisines from China, Japan, Korea, and other countries, food connoisseurs will discover that their palates are continuously piqued. Beyond its thriving food scene, Richmond also provides a lively environment for families with top-notch schools, parks, and a friendly vibe that captures the warmth and diversity of its inhabitants.


Just east of Vancouver, Burnaby achieves a remarkable mix of family-friendly living and proximity to urban attractions. The city is a welcoming environment for families because of its abundance of green spaces and recreational amenities. There are many parks, playgrounds, and community centers, giving locals of all ages access to recreational opportunities. Burnaby offers a comprehensive and well-rounded lifestyle thanks to its shopping malls and a wide variety of culinary establishments. It’s a location where kids can develop, families can prosper, and locals can take pleasure in a strong feeling of community.


Surrey, one of the fastest-growing towns in the Lower Mainland, provides a sufficient amount of living space for your budget. Its vast environment offers a wide variety of residential alternatives, from single-family homes to townhomes. Surrey’s vibrant sense of community is seen in its diversified population, vibrant cultural festivals, and local events. People from many walks of life congregate there, generating a lively and welcoming environment. Surrey is a desirable option if you’re looking for affordability, lots of room, and a community that is growing.

New Westminster

Few towns can compare to New Westminster, sometimes known as “The Royal City,” for its historical splendor. This city beautifully displays its past and is tucked along the Fraser River. Heritage buildings litter the streets, giving people a feeling of history at every turn. Even though modern living is effortlessly incorporated, New Westminster nevertheless has a special allure for individuals who value a synthesis of the past and present. Residents have the chance to engage with the history of the city thanks to a connected community and a relaxed pace of life.

East Vancouver

The bohemian heart of Vancouver beats in East Vancouver. It serves as a blank canvas for musicians, creative types, and painters. This area promotes diversity, uniqueness, and self-expression with its vivid street art, independent stores, and distinctive neighborhoods like Main Street and Commercial Drive. In this city, people value collaboration and community, and creativity permeates every nook and cranny. East Vancouver is more than simply a place to live; it’s also a creative hub, a place to find inspiration, and a buzzing stage for artistic expression.

Downtown Vancouver

Vancouver’s heartbeat quickens and its diverse culture flourishes in downtown. Downtown provides a wide variety of residential alternatives, whether you’re inclined to the chic condominiums of Yaletown, the historic elegance of Gastown, or the range of cultures of Chinatown. The city’s biggest attractions, eateries, and cultural events can all be reached on foot from this location, which puts you in the middle of everything.


Choosing where to live in Vancouver is a very personal decision that should take into account your lifestyle, tastes, and family demands. There are many different neighborhoods in Vancouver, each with its special charm and personality. Consider your priorities as you look at these possibilities to make sure you locate the ideal place to call home in this lovely Canadian city.

With its many different neighborhoods and unmatched natural beauty, Vancouver has something to offer everyone. This city offers it all, whether you’re drawn to the energetic city life, the peace of the beach, its artistic and multilingual ambiance, or the magnificent outdoors. Carefully consider your decision, and you’ll soon be residing in Vancouver.

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