Best Neighborhoods In St Johns County Florida

Are you looking for the perfect neighborhood in St. Johns County, Florida? Discover the top areas that combine charm, safety, and community spirit. From family-friendly suburbs to vibrant communities, this guide highlights the best locales offering excellent amenities and a high quality of life. Explore the unique characteristics of each neighborhood, helping you find your ideal place to call home.

Best Neighborhoods In St Johns County Florida

Beacon Lake

Located in St. Johns County, Florida, Beacon Lake stands out as a serene haven with modern conveniences. The neighborhood embraces a balanced lifestyle, boasting a pristine lake ideal for recreation and scenic views. Residents enjoy a thoughtfully planned layout, inclusive of parks, walking trails, and a top-notch fitness center, fostering wellness and a tight-knit community spirit.


In St. Johns County, SilverLeaf harmoniously blends nature and contemporary living. Its lush greenery creates an inviting ambiance, fostering an outdoor-centric lifestyle with abundant green spaces, sports facilities, and family-friendly parks. This community values preserving the area’s natural beauty, making it an ideal sanctuary for families and individuals seeking tranquility with a strong sense of community.

Beachwalk Club

St. Johns County’s Beachwalk Club offers a coastal living experience combined with lavish amenities. The neighborhood captivates with breathtaking coastal views and exclusive beach access. The heart of the community, the Beachwalk Clubhouse, presents an array of upscale facilities, including a resort-style pool, catering to those seeking both coastal elegance and a vibrant community atmosphere.

Durbin Crossing

Durbin Crossing, within St. Johns County, Florida, epitomizes the fusion of community and convenience. This neighborhood is known for its emphasis on fostering a strong sense of community, offering various amenities that encourage social interaction and connection among residents. Parks, sports facilities, and community events create a vibrant atmosphere where neighbors easily bond. Its strategic location provides easy access to essential conveniences like shopping centers and schools, making it an ideal spot for families seeking a well-connected yet communal living experience.


Nocatee, a coastal gem in St. Johns County, epitomizes a vibrant blend of coastal living and modern amenities. The community celebrates its seaside location with easy access to beautiful beaches and a plethora of water-based activities. Nocatee emphasizes an active lifestyle with numerous parks, nature trails, and fitness facilities catering to residents’ wellness needs. This neighborhood’s well-planned design integrates modern comforts with a beach-town atmosphere, making it an appealing choice for those seeking a lively coastal community.

Ponte Vedra Beach

Ponte Vedra Beach, an exquisite locale in St. Johns County, embodies coastal elegance and refined living. Renowned for its pristine beaches and upscale amenities, this neighborhood exudes a luxurious yet relaxed atmosphere. Residents enjoy access to world-class golf courses, high-end dining, and a sophisticated social scene. The community’s charm lies in its perfect blend of coastal beauty, upscale living, and a strong sense of community, attracting those seeking an elegant coastal lifestyle.

St. Augustine

St. Augustine, a historic treasure in St. Johns County, combines rich historical charms with a coastal setting. As the oldest city in the United States, it boasts a unique blend of historic landmarks, cultural richness, and a bustling coastal vibe. Residents and visitors alike revel in its cobblestone streets, historic sites, and vibrant arts and culture scene. The neighborhood’s distinct character lies in its ability to merge history and a seaside atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate a blend of rich heritage and coastal living.


In St. Johns County, Shearwater stands as an oasis where nature intertwines with modern living. Embracing a conservation-minded approach, the neighborhood preserves its natural surroundings while offering modern amenities. Residents revel in the community’s lush parks, walking trails, and nature-centered activities, fostering an active and healthy lifestyle. The design prioritizes ecological harmony, making it an appealing choice for individuals seeking a balance between modern comforts and an eco-conscious community.


RiverTown, situated along the riverbanks of St. Johns County, exudes a tranquil charm and a relaxed way of life. This neighborhood celebrates its waterfront location, offering picturesque views and water-centric activities. Its emphasis on an outdoor lifestyle is evident through various waterfront parks, nature trails, and a vibrant social scene, inviting residents to engage with nature and community. RiverTown embodies a serene yet lively atmosphere, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a blend of riverside charm and a laid-back living experience.

Vilano Beach

Vilano Beach, a serene haven in St. Johns County, encapsulates seaside serenity and quaint coastal charm. Known for its pristine beaches and laid-back atmosphere, the neighborhood offers a peaceful retreat. Residents and visitors relish the unspoiled natural beauty, diverse dining options, and water activities, fostering a relaxed coastal lifestyle. Vilano Beach’s allure lies in its tranquil environment and small-town charm, making it an ideal spot for those seeking a serene coastal escape.

World Golf Village

World Golf Village, a golfer’s paradise in St. Johns County, harmonizes premier golfing amenities with modern living. Renowned for its championship golf courses and golf-related attractions, it caters to avid golfers and enthusiasts. The neighborhood offers an array of residential options, recreational facilities, and a vibrant social scene. Its focus on a golf-centric lifestyle, coupled with modern comforts, makes it an attractive choice for those passionate about golf and community living.


Palencia, a community in St. Johns County, embodies an elegant lifestyle within nature’s embrace. Its hallmark features include lush landscapes, scenic views, and a design that harmonizes with the natural surroundings. The neighborhood offers an array of outdoor activities, including trails, parks, and recreational facilities, fostering an active yet refined living experience. Palencia’s appeal lies in its combination of natural beauty and upscale amenities, attracting residents seeking a sophisticated yet nature-immersed lifestyle.

Julington Creek

Julington Creek, nestled in St. Johns County, embodies a serene waterside haven with an emphasis on active living. Residents relish the proximity to the water, engaging in various water activities and enjoying scenic views. The community boasts numerous parks, trails, and recreational facilities, encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle. Its tranquil waterside setting combined with a focus on outdoor pursuits makes it an inviting choice for those seeking a blend of relaxation and an active community vibe.

St. Johns

St. Johns, a charming suburban area in St. Johns County, offers a cozy small-town atmosphere with modern comforts. Residents appreciate the tight-knit community feel, with local events and gatherings fostering neighborly connections. The neighborhood provides a range of amenities, including parks, shopping centers, and quality schools, creating a comfortable living environment for families seeking a quieter, close-knit community within reach of essential conveniences.


Sawgrass, situated in St. Johns County, stands out for its coastal opulence and resort-style living. Known for its world-class golfing facilities and luxurious accommodations, the neighborhood caters to those seeking a high-end coastal lifestyle. Residents enjoy access to championship golf courses, upscale dining, and a vibrant social scene. Sawgrass’s allure lies in its blend of coastal luxury and a resort-like atmosphere, making it an attractive destination for those desiring an upscale coastal living experience.

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