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Teaching English in Puerto Rico offers a unique and enriching experience. The island’s vibrant culture and warm community provide an ideal backdrop for educators. This introduction explores the rewarding journey of teaching English in Puerto Rico, shedding light on the cultural exchange, language learning dynamics, and the impact teachers can have on students’ lives in this diverse and inviting Caribbean setting. If you want to Teach English in Puerto Rico here are some options to consider.

1. Universidad de Puerto Rico – Río Piedras:

The Universidad de Puerto Rico – Río Piedras is located in the heart of San Juan, the capital city and provides a dynamic environment for English language instructors. With a diverse student body, ranging from undergraduates to postgraduates, teaching here offers exposure to various age groups and academic levels. Positions typically involve a 9 to 12-month commitment, providing ample time to immerse oneself in the local community. Salaries vary, but competitive packages often include benefits such as housing allowances and health insurance.

Instructors at Universidad de Puerto Rico often find fulfillment in the vibrant cultural exchange facilitated by a student community eager to engage in language learning. The university’s commitment to academic excellence creates an atmosphere where educators can contribute meaningfully to students’ language proficiency and cultural awareness.

Teaching at this institution often involves participating in extracurricular activities, further enriching the overall educational experience for both educators and students. Engaging with student clubs, events, and cultural initiatives becomes a rewarding aspect of the teaching journey.

2. Interamerican University of Puerto Rico:

The Inter American University, with campuses spread across the island, offers English teaching opportunities catering to different regions. Classroom audiences may consist of undergraduate students pursuing degrees in various fields. Positions generally span one academic year, allowing teachers to establish meaningful connections with students. Salaries are influenced by experience and qualifications, providing room for growth in a supportive educational environment.

Teaching at Interamerican University involves not only imparting language skills but also contributing to students’ overall academic and personal development. The diverse range of disciplines represented among the student body creates an enriching environment for educators to tailor their teaching methods and connect with students on a deeper level.

Educators find satisfaction in participating in research projects and academic initiatives at Interamerican University, enhancing their professional growth while contributing to the university’s commitment to excellence in education.

3. Colegio San Ignacio de Loyola:

For those passionate about secondary education, Colegio San Ignacio de Loyola in San Juan is an excellent choice. Specializing in high school education, English teachers at this institution engage with motivated students eager to enhance their language skills. Teaching durations typically align with the academic calendar, offering a fulfilling experience within a structured curriculum. Competitive salaries and opportunities for professional development contribute to the overall appeal of teaching at this institution.

Educators at Colegio San Ignacio de Loyola find joy in molding young minds and preparing students for future academic and professional endeavors. The emphasis on a structured curriculum allows teachers to guide students through a comprehensive language learning journey while fostering a supportive and encouraging learning environment.

Active involvement in school events and extracurricular activities is encouraged, creating a sense of community and camaraderie among teachers and students alike.

4. Caribbean University:

With campuses in Bayamón, Ponce, and Vega Baja, Caribbean University offers English teaching positions with a focus on higher education. The classroom audience consists of undergraduate students pursuing degrees in liberal arts and sciences. Teaching durations generally follow the academic calendar, providing stability and room for personal growth. Salaries are competitive, and the university encourages a collaborative teaching environment.

Teaching at Caribbean University involves not only language instruction but also contributing to the intellectual growth of students pursuing diverse academic disciplines. Educators here often appreciate the collaborative teaching environment that fosters creativity and innovation in language instruction.

Active participation in interdisciplinary projects and university-wide initiatives enhances the teaching experience, allowing educators to contribute to the broader academic community.

5. Escuela Internacional de los Negocios y Empresas

Located in the business hub of San Juan, the Escuela Internacional de los Negocios y Empresas is an ideal choice for educators interested in language instruction within a business context. The classroom audience primarily comprises professionals and students pursuing degrees in business-related fields. Teaching durations may vary, aligning with business programs and workshops. Salaries are often commensurate with the specialized nature of the instruction, reflecting the value placed on language skills in the business sector.

Teaching at Escuela Internacional de los Negocios y Empresas offers a unique perspective, allowing educators to bridge language instruction with the practical application of communication skills in a business setting. The focus on business-related fields provides a specialized and rewarding teaching experience for language instructors.

Engagement in industry partnerships and collaborations is encouraged, providing educators with opportunities to bring real-world relevance to language instruction and fostering connections between academia and the business community.

6. University of Turabo

Situated in the picturesque town of Gurabo, the University of Turabo provides English teaching opportunities within a diverse academic setting. The classroom audience spans undergraduates from various disciplines. Teaching durations are typically aligned with the academic calendar, offering stability for educators. Salaries are competitive, and the university emphasizes a collaborative teaching approach, fostering an inclusive and engaging learning environment.

Teaching at the University of Turabo offers a multifaceted experience, allowing educators to connect with students from diverse academic backgrounds. The emphasis on a collaborative teaching approach creates an atmosphere where instructors can share insights and methods, contributing to a rich and supportive academic community.

Active involvement in university-led community service initiatives provides educators with the opportunity to connect language instruction with broader societal needs, creating a sense of social responsibility among both teachers and students.

Job Description and Requirements:

Regardless of the institution, English teachers in Puerto Rico play a crucial role in fostering language proficiency and cultural understanding. Job descriptions include creating lesson plans, conducting engaging classes, and providing constructive feedback to students. Requirements often include a bachelor’s degree in English or a related field, TEFL/TESOL certification, and relevant teaching experience. Some institutions may prefer or require proficiency in Spanish to facilitate communication.

Instructors find satisfaction in crafting dynamic lesson plans that cater to the unique needs and interests of their students. The role goes beyond traditional teaching, involving mentorship and guidance to help students navigate the complexities of language acquisition.

As mentors, educators actively participate in faculty development programs, staying abreast of the latest pedagogical trends and incorporating innovative teaching methodologies into their classes.


Teaching English in Puerto Rico is not just a job; it’s a cultural immersion and a chance to make a meaningful impact on students’ lives. As you embark on this journey, consider the unique opportunities each school offers, from diverse classroom audiences to competitive salaries and supportive environments. Puerto Rico awaits you with open arms and a passion for learning that will enrich both your professional and personal experiences. ¡Buena suerte! (Good luck!)

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