Top Universities That Offer Full Scholarships to International Students in Europe

Are you an international student seeking financial aid for your studies abroad? Learn about these exclusive scholarships and how they can pave your way to academic success in Europe. Explore details about the institutions, eligibility criteria, and invaluable tips for accessing these grants right here. Here are the Top Universities That Offer Full Scholarships to International Students in Europe.

1.NL Scholarship for Non-EEA International Students

Nuffic Netherlands offers the NL Scholarship, formerly known as the Holland Scholarship. Funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science, this scholarship caters to non-European Economic Area (EEA) students aspiring to pursue bachelor’s or master’s programs in Dutch research universities and universities of applied sciences in Holland.

Programs & Eligibility:

Available for both bachelor’s and master’s programs, it applies to eligible fields of study offered by participating institutions. Candidates should be non-EEA nationals and applying for full-time programs at Dutch higher education institutions, meeting specific criteria set by the chosen institution. Additionally, applicants must not have previously studied in the Netherlands.

Scholarship Value:

The NL Scholarship awards €5,000 for one year, emphasizing it isn’t a full-tuition scholarship. The grant is provided once and is aimed to support students financially during their studies.

Application Process:

Applicants must apply directly to their chosen institution. Deadlines for applications vary, either falling on 1 February or 1 May 2023, depending on the institution. It’s crucial to confirm the correct deadline from the institution’s website.

How to Apply:

Aspiring students should refer to the official scholarship website for detailed instructions on the application procedure. The website at NL Scholarship | Study in NL provides comprehensive information on application requirements and specifics about applying for the scholarship at the chosen institution.

2. VLIR-UOS Masters Scholarships (ICP Connect) in Belgium

VLIR-UOS presents the ICP Connect Master’s scholarships for students from 29 eligible countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The scholarships support students seeking an English-taught Master’s program at a Flemish university or university college in Belgium.

Fields of Study:

The ICP Master’s programs cover various disciplines such as Human Settlements, Governance and Development, Cultural Anthropology, Marine and Lacustrine Science, and more. It offers both one-year and two-year Master’s programs.

Eligibility Requirements:

These scholarships cater to nationals of the 29 eligible countries, emphasizing applicants’ residence in one of these countries during their application. Candidates should be between 35 years for an initial master and 45 years for an advanced master. Preference is given to those employed in higher education, government, or civil society, aiming for careers in these sectors.

Scholarship Inclusions:

VLIR-UOS provides full scholarships for the entire duration of the Master’s Program, spanning 12 or 24 months. The scholarships cover tuition fees, travel expenses, insurance, and living costs.

Application Process:

Interested candidates should apply for both program admission and the scholarship via the university’s website. Deadlines are determined by the specific programs, mostly around 1 February or 28 February/1 March 2024.

Application Procedure:

For detailed instructions on how to apply for this scholarship, visit the official scholarship website at Scholarships for masters (ICP Connect) – Vliruos and the individual Master’s Program websites.

3. Denmark Government Scholarships for Non-EU Students

The Danish Government extends scholarships to highly qualified international students from outside the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) to pursue higher education in Denmark. These scholarships fund full-degree programs.

Fields of Study:

These scholarships cover full-time higher education programs offered at participating Higher Education Institutions in Denmark.

Eligibility Requirements:

Eligible candidates must belong to a country outside the EU/EEA, be enrolled in a full degree higher education program, and possess a time-limited residence permit in Denmark due to education.

Scholarship Inclusions:

The scholarship comprises partial or full tuition fee waivers and grants for living costs. The administration of these scholarships falls under individual higher education institutions.

Application Process:

Danish institutions of higher education administer these scholarships, determining the recipients. For detailed information and admission criteria, prospective students should visit the institution’s admission details.

Application Deadlines:

Deadlines vary, usually around March-April for entry in September of the same year or around September-October for entry in February of the following year.

Application Instructions:

Candidates must apply for admission to the program and the scholarship via the university’s website at Scholarships – Study in Denmark. Deadlines and application procedures depend on the specific programs.

4. Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Students

The Swiss Confederation annually extends Government Excellence Scholarships to foster international research cooperation. These scholarships serve as a conduit for global exchange and advanced studies, welcoming participants from over 180 countries to engage in doctoral or postdoctoral studies and research across various disciplines.

Host Institutions and Targeted Candidates

Students eligible for this opportunity can opt for one of the 10 Swiss cantonal universities, the two Swiss federal institutes of technology, or other public teaching and research institutes. The scholarship encompasses a broad range of fields and disciplines, catering to the diverse interests of candidates from around the globe.

Inclusions and Benefits

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships cover a wide array of expenses. This includes monthly payments, tuition fee exemptions, health insurance, airfare, and an allowance for lodging, if applicable. The extent of benefits is detailed in the country-specific fact sheets, providing clarity on the support participants can expect during their academic tenure in Switzerland.

Eligibility and Application Procedure

Eligibility criteria are delineated in country-specific fact sheets that detail general and specific conditions for candidates. To proceed with an application, candidates are advised to contact the Swiss diplomatic representation in their country of origin. The representation will offer information about the application procedure, including forms and a list of required documentation.

Deadline and Application

The application period for the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships generally spans between September and December 2023. The specific dates for application submission vary, contingent upon the Swiss Embassy to which candidates must apply. It is essential to engage with the official website at Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships – SBFI to access comprehensive guidelines on how to apply for this prestigious scholarship.


In conclusion, the prospect of studying in Europe without financial constraints is now within reach for international students. The detailed insights into the four prestigious universities providing full scholarships are aimed at empowering students seeking to expand their academic horizons.

By unraveling the offerings, eligibility, and application procedures, this article serves as a guiding light, offering a clear pathway to securing Top Universities That Offer Full Scholarships to International Students in Europe. Don’t miss out on the chance to shape your educational journey without financial impediments. Seize this opportunity, apply wisely, and step into a world of endless academic possibilities!

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