Best Places to Study in Orlando

In the heart of Florida, Orlando not only captivates visitors with its enchanting theme parks but also offers a diverse and vibrant environment for academic pursuits. From bustling libraries to tranquil coffee shops, the city provides an array of study spaces catering to different preferences. 

In this guide, we will explore some of the best places to study in Orlando, ensuring that students and learners can find the ideal setting to foster focus and productivity in the dynamic backdrop of the “City Beautiful.”

Best Places to Study in Orlando

Here’s a list of 10 best places to study in Orlando:

1. UCF Library

The University of Central Florida’s library is a haven for students. It caters to various learning styles with extensive book collections, quiet study areas, and collaborative spaces. The modern architecture and resourceful staff enhance the overall study experience.

2. Stardust Video & Coffee

This eclectic spot combines the charm of a vintage video store with a cosy coffee shop. Amidst shelves of movies and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, students find a unique atmosphere conducive to focused study sessions.

3. Lake Eola Park

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the serene surroundings of Lake Eola Park. Its peaceful ambience, shaded areas, and Wi-Fi availability make it an unconventional but refreshing study spot. The iconic swan boats add a touch of tranquility to the overall environment.

4. Barnes & Noble Café

Located in Colonial Plaza Market, the Barnes & Noble Café provides a bookstore setting coupled with a quiet coffee shop. Students can browse through books for inspiration and then settle down with a cup of coffee in a peaceful corner for dedicated study time.


5. Downtown CREDO

As a community-focused coffee shop, Downtown CREDO offers excellent coffee and a commitment to fostering a collaborative environment. The spacious layout and community tables make it ideal for group study sessions and creative collaboration.

6. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts

Beyond its role as a cultural hub, the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts provides unique study spaces. The modern architecture and artistic surroundings create an inspiring backdrop for those seeking a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere.

7. Foxtail Coffee Co

With multiple locations across Orlando, Foxtail Coffee Co. is known for its quality coffee and relaxed atmosphere. Students can enjoy artisanal beverages while tackling assignments in a laid-back yet focused setting.

8. Credo Conduit

This coworking space in College Park is tailored for productivity. Equipped with high-speed internet, comfortable seating, and a quiet environment, Credo Conduit caters to students and professionals, offering an alternative study space outside traditional academic settings.

9. Orlando Public Library

The Orlando Public Library, part of the Orange County Library System, is a haven for book lovers and scholars. Besides its extensive collection, the library hosts study rooms, computer labs, and engaging events, providing a comprehensive resource for students.

10. East End Market

This artisanal marketplace in the Audubon Park Garden District offers a unique blend of food, community, and study-friendly spaces. With its various cafes and seating arrangements, East End Market provides a vibrant setting for students seeking a lively atmosphere.

Difference Between Studying Home and Outside

Outside and at home offer distinct environments, each with its own advantages and challenges. Here are some key differences:

  • Distractions

Outside: Potential distractions in public spaces include noise from other people, traffic, or external activities. However, some individuals find the ambient noise of coffee shops or parks conducive to concentration.

Home: While studying at home provides a familiar and controlled environment, it can be prone to domestic distractions such as family members, pets, or household chores.

  • Comfort and Familiarity

Outside: Public spaces might provide a different comfort level than home. Seating options may vary, and factors like temperature or ergonomics might need more adjustment.

Home: Studying at home allows for a personalized and comfortable setup. Familiar surroundings can contribute to a sense of security and ease.

  • Resources and Facilities

Outside: Public spaces may need more essential resources like printers, reference materials, or specialized equipment. Internet connectivity can also be variable.

Home: At home, you have easy access to all your resources, including books, notes, and online materials. The convenience of a reliable internet connection is a significant advantage.

  • Social Interaction

Outside: Public spaces offer social interaction opportunities, which can motivate some individuals. However, it might also lead to unintended interruptions.

Home: Studying at home can limit social interactions, promoting a quieter and more focused atmosphere. However, it may also result in feelings of isolation for some individuals.

  • Flexibility

Outside: Studying in public spaces provides a change of scenery and can be more flexible regarding location. It allows for variety in the study environment.

Home: Studying at home offers a consistent and predictable environment, which can be advantageous for establishing routines and maintaining a structured study schedule.

  • Cost Considerations

Outside: Depending on the chosen study location, there may be costs associated with purchasing food or beverages. Public transportation or parking fees also apply.

Home: Studying at home generally involves minimal additional costs, as you can utilize existing resources without incurring expenses for travel or external amenities.

Ultimately, choosing between studying outside and at home depends on personal preferences. Some individuals may thrive in the dynamic environment of public spaces, while others may find the controlled environment of home more conducive to concentration. It’s often beneficial to adapt study locations based on the specific requirements of the task at hand.


Orlando’s has a diverse array of study spaces that caters to students’ varied needs and preferences. Whether you are seeking the tranquility of a library, the vibrant atmosphere of a coffee shop, or the refreshing outdoors of parks, the city provides a rich tapestry of environments conducive to focused learning. 

The unique charm of each location contributes to the overall academic experience, reflecting Orlando’s commitment to nurturing both traditional and unconventional study settings. As students navigate their educational journeys, they can find inspiration and productivity in the captivating blend of learning spaces offered by the “City Beautiful.”

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